Five ways to bring authenticity to leadership communications.

Our Editor in Chief Rachael Bull unpicks the challenges of writing on behalf of leaders and how to tackle them. In my last post I talked about how to bring your authentic voice to your comms. Quick recap: know yourself, embrace it, write it as you’d say it, tell stories. All well and good but what if you’re in internal comms ghost writing for a leader? […]

Who are you? How to bring your authentic voice to your communications.

When it comes to communications, let’s start with the basics. It’s all about connecting. PR and marketing, employee engagement, investor relations… it’s all human beings trying to interact with each other. Ideally, of course, we’d all be speaking face to face, eye to eye, speaking honestly, openly, authentically. But that’s not possible. Even more so, […]

Writing with focus.

At Write the Talk, we’re busy planning our next ‘Writing for success’ masterclass. It’s a two-part course that, in a huge nutshell, teaches people how to achieve business success through better writing. We want to make the course even more useful for students, so we caught up with one of our recent graduates to find […]

Business speak: five reasons why we should never go back.

In our latest post, WTT’s Editor-in-Chief Rachael Bull sets out why it’s high time we say goodbye to business speak. Whether you’re an SME writing to customers or a leader writing to employees, it’s time to say goodbye to business speak or, as I like to refer to it, BS. During the COVID crisis, we’ve […]

How poor writing is costing businesses hundreds of billions of pounds every year.

“Poor writing creates a drag on everything you do. It functions like a tax, sapping your profits.”  Writing expert Josh Bernoff holds no punches when it comes to unveiling the devastating impact that poor writing has on businesses. In fact, he goes further and quantifies it, deeming that poor writing costs US businesses $396 billion a year.   But how? […]

Five ridiculously easy steps to better writing.

Our Editor-in-Chief Rachael Bull provides a handful of quickfire ways to improve your writing. I recently talked about why we need to embrace more authentic, ‘human’ communications and ditch business speak. For good. While it might be tricky for people to figure out what their authentic voice is (we can help you with that, by the way), […]