2021: The opportunity to rewrite your story.

It can be hard to find a silver lining in everything that’s happened over the last six months. We’ve experienced personal and professional upheaval that has affected us in different ways – and perhaps in some ways that we don’t even realise yet. It’s no wonder that people are ready to draw a line under […]

Who are you? How to bring your authentic voice to your communications.

When it comes to communications, let’s start with the basics. It’s all about connecting. PR and marketing, employee engagement, investor relations… it’s all human beings trying to interact with each other. Ideally, of course, we’d all be speaking face to face, eye to eye, speaking honestly, openly, authentically. But that’s not possible. Even more so, […]

7 thoughts about the power of purpose in business (that you might not agree with).

Purpose. Psychologically speaking, it’s one of the defining characteristics of the human race. We crave it, this fundamental signifier of a fulfilling life. It gives us a reason for being beyond simply existing, because, as humans, we want to accomplish something truly meaningful. Something that allows us to wholly engage with some aspect of the […]

How to create a better company culture.

There’s no doubt that the global pandemic will have long-reaching impacts on the way we work, many of them still unknown. The ripple effect is likely to be felt for years. In their recent ‘Resetting normal’ report, The Adecco Group found several big themes that will define the new era of work, including better flexibility, the […]