It’s an art AND a science.

Did you know that stories are 22 times more powerful than cold, hard facts?* Stories. Everyone’s talking about them. But what does a story involve? Why are they so powerful? And, most importantly, how can we use story to help tackle the big engagement challenges businesses face today? Write the Talk’s Rachael Bull delves into […]

Solving the global employee engagement crisis.

According to Gallup, 85% of the world’s workforce aren’t engaged in the work they do. Given that we spend around a third of our lives at work, this is a global happiness crisis that impacts our lives far beyond the office – causing workaholism, stress, insomnia, loss of sense of humour and perhaps not surprisingly, […]

Seven story steps to long-lasting engagement.

A guest blog this week from Ruth Sedar, her parting piece as she moves on from Write the Talk to challenges new. We’ll miss Ru (and her TV recommendations). The Guardian has published its best 100 TV shows of the 21st century. Apart from the glaring omissions of 80s pop-culture darling Stranger Things, outrageously funny […]

It’s not employee engagement, it’s a hero’s journey.

Everything about the way we work is changing. Technology enables us to talk to more people in more locations across more time zones. We no longer have desks or, in some cases, offices. We’re accessible 24/7 through multiple channels. And we’re competing against global talent in a gig economy. But one thing hasn’t changed and […]

How did we get here?

The role of backstory in engagement. Explaining why things are or how they came to be can be complicated – where to begin, what to include, and how to make it relevant? By shaping and telling its backstory artfully, a business can give its people more to identify and empathise with (never mind the effect […]

Are you losing your audience?

t Emmys time, when the US Academy of Television Arts & Sciences celebrates the best of prime time TV, it’s easy to overlook the precarious nature of TV drama. The annual process of renewal and cancellation by the TV networks grinds on for months. In this latest update, big shows like Homeland and Orange Is the New Black […]

The power of story unleashed.

After a quick team vote* on whether trainers were an acceptable smart casual footwear choice, Write the Talk’s Editor-in-Chief, Rachael Bull, stepped onto the stage at Leicester Business Festival last week to talk about the most powerful business tool never invented… Stories Did you know they’re 22x more powerful than cold hard facts? That’s because […]

Ten big takeaways from the 2019 Engaging Employees Conference.

Our Editor in Chief Rachael Bull attended the 2019 Engaging Employees conference in London. Here are her top 10 takeaways from the stellar line up of speakers. With a speaker line-up awash with industry heavyweights from brands including RBS, Virgin Atlantic, GSK and the BBC, the Engaging Employees Conference was a hotbed of engagement insights, panel discussions […]

Are you Robin Hood or Sheriff of Nottingham?

n the same way that a good story relies on a strong character, a business needs a strong personality to engage with its audience. Employees and customers want to feel connected to something they can relate to – something human and authentic. The things that make your business who you are; that make you different […]

Tackling the c-word with clear communications.

Coronavirus. It’s quickly becoming the most offensive c-word in our language. No matter how hard we try, we can’t escape it. There’s always that one news notification you thought you’d muted that somehow pops up and shatters your peaceful mental self-quarantine bubble. We can’t bury our heads in the sand. But what we can do, more […]