How to develop a change narrative.

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At our latest Call to Adventure* webinar, we explored how to build a change narrative that makes change four times more likely to succeed.   Here are the key points:   Act One: The hell of change without narrative “When you are in the middle of a story it isn’t a story at all, but […]

Change, grief and narrative

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I don’t know why we talk about change and narrative as two separate things, as if one can exist without the other. A story is about change. A change requires a narrative to interpret or communicate it.   This generally involves internal narrative, which helps us decide whether a particular change is good or bad. […]

Want change to work? Here’s one thing you have to do.

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I once heard about a key sponsor of digital transformation at a national brand who insisted on maintaining a paper diary as the only way to book meetings with them. Good luck with that change programme.   Be a role* model Recent research by Keller and Schaninger into successful change strategies highlighted role-modelling by leaders […]

Change management: “Nothing changes unless people do”

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So concluded Scott Keller and Bill Schaninger when their 2019 research indicated that around 40% of change management failure related to employee resistance and almost 35% to management behaviours that didn’t support change. A staggering display of how much people affect the outcome of change.  In our latest WTT research we explore the full impact of human error on the successful […]

Purpose: make change thinking contagious

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The last 18 months have involved a lot of change for a lot of organisations, whether it’s a shift to digitalisation or diversifying products to reach new and different people.     At its core, change is about human beings. In our latest Write the Talk research, we explore the ‘human error’ that often leads to the failure […]

Four steps to pitching like the best (and why you should be able to do it).

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Not that sort of pitching, obviously. But so often, this is what’s happening when people are pitching their proposals – you’re talking about one thing, and your audience is seeing something else.   Pitching is such a powerful skill. If you ever need to persuade someone to agree to an idea, a strategy, a programme, […]

Leadership development: 4 insights to help you lead with story.

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In our most recent story session, we explored the important role that storytelling plays in effective leadership. Here are the big four take-aways:  1. What is leadership? “To lead successfully, a person must demonstrate two active, essential, interrelated traits: expertise and empathy.” – William Pagonis, 2001 In our latest Write the Talk research we studied numerous leadership models […]

What can TV drama teach us about leadership?

Written by: Rachael Bull, Editor-in-Chief. We’ve watched more TV in the past 12 months than we ever have before. But don’t feel bad, there are many lessons to be had from the latest Netflix series – including the power of storytelling and how it can help you lead.     As Write the Talk’s recently published research report, Can you […]

Want to be a better leader? Be more Mando.

Written by: Anthony Madigan, MD   In season 2 of Disney+’s The Mandalorian, a single scene captures almost everything that makes this show a rewarding watch.   The central relationship is between an emotionally damaged Mandalorian bounty hunter, known by some as Mando, and the unbearably cute Yoda-like youngster, Grogu.   For reasons he can’t […]

More women = more collaboration = transformation?

Written by: Anthony Madigan, MD   On the night of November 6 2018, Stacey Abrams faced the biggest moment of her life. A successful lawyer in the US and former minority leader of the Democrats in Georgia’s House of Representatives, Abrams watched the results of that day’s election come in. At stake, the Governorship of […]