We’re counting down the days until we see them again. But why?

We all have our favourite TV dramas, and the stars of the show – the characters – are why we tune in week after week. Write the Talk’s Ru Sedar talks about what makes a character tick, why we love them, and how characters in drama can help your business narrative.   What is it […]

Why you should forget about 2019 planning and watch TV instead.

Struggling with your 2019 planning? Editor-in-Chief Rachael Bull explains how the techniques behind TV drama can give you the inspiration to get things right.   Like it or not, the planning round is an important time of year for everyone with an audience to engage. Expectations are high, and there’s that tantalising opportunity to finally […]

Six ways story will bring you success in 2019.

If you have an audience to engage, planning is the first step, right? Not necessarily. The big story is what you need to be thinking about first. An unfolding drama that will grab the attention of the people who matter and give you a structure for everything you want to communicate.  The big story will cut […]

How to create an Oscar-winning brand story.

The BAFTAs saw drama’s greatest names take home the gold last week – and with the Oscars set to take Hollywood by storm next weekend, it’s an exciting time for film and TV buffs the world over. Write the Talk’s Mitch Pike chats about the science of storytelling, the tricks that dramatists use to pull […]

Beyond the numbers: the power of an investor story.

Cover Photo by Tech Daily   Progress, goals, and staying in control – Imogen Short shares insights on how investors can use narrative to engage audiences with a story that goes beyond data.  We know that investors don’t often get what they want from an annual report. As far back as 2013, Rivel’s Research* found […]

Changing the Talent game.

Across the globe, businesses face a common problem – the search for good people. Write the Talk’s Imogen Short and Becky Broadley team up to talk talent, business culture, and how storytelling techniques can help you. When it comes to enticing the next generation of talent to join their grad schemes, businesses are struggling. The […]

Every story needs a setting.

From Victoria harbour in Hong Kong, Write the Talk’s CEO Anthony Madigan talks about how great settings frame great stories – and how personality, journey, and the tension of possibility can augment your business narrative.

We can be heroes – story techniques to motivate and inspire.

We love stories about heroes, and in TV, film, and fiction, there are plenty to talk about. We take a look at what makes them great – and how you can use their example to transform your business character into the hero of your own story. We all need someone to look up to. In today’s […]

Hair-raising stories in video games.

Good versus evil. Journeys of discovery, rebirth and retribution. Write the Talk’s Ru Sedar explores how storytelling isn’t just reserved for fine literature or boxsets – but can be found in the most popular video games of all time, too. As a full-time copywriter and part-time adult, it may (or may not) surprise you to […]

Has the Netflix binge changed how storytelling works?

Streaming services changed the way we watch our favourite shows, but could it change how we tell stories? Write the Talk’s Mitch Pike discusses the phenomena of binge watching, and what it could mean for the next generation of storytelling. We recently witnessed the end of an era with the final season of HBO’s fantasy […]