People power organisations.

Around the world, we're flicking on the switch.

Big stories change people.

Story is your differentiator. Your personality generator. Your competitive advantage. It conveys your values, your purpose, your beliefs to the world.

Story starts conversations, builds relationships and creates advocates for life, with your employees, customers and investors alike.

Story is what makes your business human. Story makes you… you.

At Write the Talk, we uncover and shape powerful long-running stories that engage your people and captivate your audiences. Stories that are crucial to your success: your strategy, your culture, the transformation you’re going through, your investment plans, your product plans and the value you’re bringing to customers.

People power organisations. Story turns them on.

Our Story Shaping programme.
The four steps.

Powerful, long-running stories are the foundations of engagement, and our Story Shaping programme builds unique narratives that work hard for you every day. We shape and map the story that tackles head-on the challenges you have, then we get it working. And keep it working.

Most leaders aren't engaging their people…

…which begs the question: are they actually leading?

The great leaders have always been great storytellers – that natural talent of taking people on a shared journey to somewhere more successful. But we
all know there aren’t enough natural storytellers around, so what’s the answer?

Story skills are trainable. With the right support, leaders can transform their ability to engage and energise any audience.

Designed and delivered by experienced storytellers with real experience of communicating in complex and dynamic organisations, our three-hour storytelling workshop provides leaders with:

• the key components of extraordinary storytelling

• a clear understanding of their unique role as a lead character

• storytelling skills drawn from the best of action, film and drama.

Get in touch and unleash your storytellers.

Tough challenges, celebrated triumphs.


Convincing 960 legal and compliance colleagues to ditch the jargon and communicate clearly
Training a team of retail marketing communicators to apply the science of storytelling
Onboarding 1000s of global colleagues and customers for long-haul business success.
Convincing 3,500 frontline staff to own the complaints made by customers.
Supporting 500 investment, compliance and risk professionals through change.
Encouraging 15,000 colleagues around the world to talk with one voice.

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Your big story shapers.

We’re an inspired team of business brains, story editors, creative strategists, writers, art directors and long-running drama obsessives.


The founder and co-owner whose corporate strategy expertise takes him all over the world. Has most of his ideas on a plane.


Simplification supremo who makes sense of confusion and complexity. Eats dull documents for breakfast.


Creative powerhouse who energises strategies and transforms cultures. Heads up the Asia hub. With a coffee in hand.


Resident people-person. Keeps order, maintains the team’s comfort and safety, and nurtures development.


No-nonsense coordinator and project-planning extraordinaire. Makes sure stuff gets done on time, every time.


Runs big stories for global organisations. Plain English crusader and tone of voice devotee.


Creative pioneer, strategic thinker and problem sorter-outer. Delivers exceptional ideas that people like and listen to.


Co-owner. Manages the business side of things ‘like a boss’ with a prudent eye on the process. Why our service is superhuman.

Time to engage.

Let’s get to work on connecting your people with what’s important. You talk; we’ll listen.

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