The big story.

Let's get it straight.

We shape big stories for bold organisations around the world: engaging people, attracting customers, bringing strategy to life.

We've got big questions for you.


How sure are you that your change programme will actually change anything? Is your marketing budget working as hard for you as it could? And how can you get your people and investors behind your strategy?


Business is uncertain. It doesn’t have to be.


We shape the big stories that engage people, attract customers and bring strategy to life. 


Using the hidden techniques behind long-running dramas, we make sure your big messages hit home: the right ideas, in the right order, at the right time. A long-running business story that makes stuff happen.

Our Story Shaping programme.
The five steps.


The best stories evolve over time. Our Story Shaping programme helps you build your story and tell it in a way that works. We’ll shape your story to fit the challenge you're tackling: as a multi-season 'box set' that engages an audience over many months or years, or a high impact 'mini-series' for a focused change programme.


Tough challenges, celebrated triumphs.


Onboarding 1000s of global colleagues and customers for long-haul business success.
Convincing 3,500 frontline staff to own the complaints made by customers.
Supporting 500 investment, compliance and risk professionals through change.
Encouraging 15,000 colleagues around the world to talk with one voice.
Directing 100s of marketers in 60 global locations to one approach of marketing.
Making 14,000 words of complex compliance engaging and easy-to-read.

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Your big story shapers.

We’re an inspired team of business brains, story editors, creative strategists, writers, art directors and long-running drama obsessives…


The founder and co-owner whose corporate strategy expertise takes him all over the world. Has most of his ideas on a plane.


Simplification supremo who makes sense of confusion and complexity. Eats dull documents for breakfast.


Creative powerhouse who energises strategies and transforms cultures. Heads up the Asia hub. With a coffee in hand.


Resident people-person. Keeps order, maintains the team’s comfort and safety, and nurtures development.


No-nonsense coordinator and project-plan extraordinaire. Makes sure stuff gets done on time, every time.


Long-word fancier with additional short word skills. A master in the power of appropriate language.


Runs big stories for global organisations. Plain English crusader and tone of voice devotee.


Investigative journo-type who digs deep to get the real story. Knows language rules are for fools.


Creative pioneer, strategic thinker and problem sorter-outer. Builds brand personalities that people like and listen to.


Co-owner. Manages the business side of things ‘like a boss’ with a prudent eye on the process. Why our service is superhuman.

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Make stuff happen.

Ready for the big story to transform your organisation?

Every story is different. Whether you want to engage your audience with a full ‘box set’ or alter perceptions with a high impact ‘mini-series’, we can help you feel the benefit of a well-structured plan.

Whether you’re ready now or want to know more, let’s start with a call.


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